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Benefits to Children and Communities

The information provided by employers through new hire reporting is critical to the success of child support enforcement operations.

  • It helps staff quickly locate non-custodial parents to establish paternity and child support orders.
  • It speeds up the child support withholding process.
  • It expedites the collection of child support from non-custodial parents who change jobs frequently.
  • And, it helps children receive the financial support they are legally entitled to.

New hire reporting is also important to the communities in which we live. Here’s why. Many children of unmarried parents who do not receive child support live in poverty or rely on public assistance. By reporting their new hires promptly, employers help their state’s child support office locate non-custodial parents and secure child support from them – financial support their children are legally entitled to. This helps protect children from living in poverty, giving them the opportunity to focus on learning and growing up to be responsible, productive adults.

Additionally, when non-custodial parents can be located and they fulfill their child support obligations, public assistance costs for the state decrease – yet another way new hire reporting positively impacts communities.

New hire reporting may also be used by other state agencies to detect fraud in areas such as Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment, and Welfare Benefits. This helps decrease employer taxes.

Lastly, by saving state and federal funds, new hire reporting helps ensure a more efficient expenditure of taxpayer monies.


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