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Required Information

In accordance with Federal legislation, the State of Delaware asks for the following information on all New Hire reports:

Required Employer (Business) Information:

  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) used for Quarterly Wage Reports.
  • Employer Name as it appears on Quarterly Wage Reports. Do NOT use the Doing Business As (DBA) name.
  • Employer Address (Street, City, State, Zip) for receiving Income Withholding Orders (IWO's).

Required Employee (New Hire/Rehire) Information:

  • Employee Social Security Number (SSN). Temporary ID numbers will NOT be accepted.
  • Employee Legal Name (First, Middle, Last) as it appears on their Social Security card. Nicknames will NOT be accepted.
  • Employee Physical Address Location (Street, City, State, Zip). PO Boxes will NOT be accepted.
  • Employee Date of Hire. This is the latest date the individual began/returned to work.
  • Employee State of Hire. This is the state of the office location where the employee reports to work.

Optional Information

Optional Employer (Business) Information:

  • Employer Point of Contact Name. This is the name of a person, team, or department, responsible for submitting the New Hire report.
  • Employer Point of Contact Phone Number.
  • Employer Point of Contact Fax Number.
  • Employer Point of Contact Email Address.

Optional Employee (New Hire/Rehire) information:

  • Employee Date of Birth.
  • Employee Gender.
  • Identify if the employee left employment before the report was sent.

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