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Delaware State Directory of New Hires File Submission Layout

This file layout is for employers who have the ability to export new hire data from their existing payroll or human resources software. To get started, review the File Submission Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with reporting electronically, please contact the Delaware State Directory New Hires toll free at (855) 481-0018.

The methods you can use to send your company’s new hire data in the format shown below are:

  • Notepad
  • Wordpad
  • Excel

DELAWARE Employer File Submission Layout - Create file using FIXED-WIDTH ASCII TEXT FORMAT. Click here for a printable PDF version.

FieldTypeLengthStart PositionEnd PositionOpt'l/Req'dComments
Record TypeCharacter111Required=2
Employee's Last NameCharacter15216Required 
Employee's First NameCharacter151731Required 
Employee's Middle InitialCharacter13232Required 
Employee's Address Line 1Character303362Required 
Employee's Address Line 2Character306392Optional 
Employee's CityCharacter1593107Required 
Employee's StateCharacter2108109RequiredValid 2 letter state code
Employee's Zip CodeCharacter9110118RequiredFirst 5 digits are mandatory
Employee's SSNCharacter9119127RequiredAll zeros will be rejected
Employee's Date of HireCharacter8128135RequiredCCYYMMDD = Employee's actual start date for pay
Employee Left During Reporting PeriodCharacter1136136OptionalY, N or U for Unknown
Employee's Date of BirthCharacter8137144OptionalCCYYMMDD, if unknown enter 00000000
Employee's Sex CodeCharacter1145145OptionalM, F or U for Unknown
Employee's Work State CodeCharacter2146147OptionalValid 2 letter state code
Employer's NameCharacter30148177Required 
Employer's Payroll Address Line 1Character30178207Required 
Employer's Payroll Address Line 2Character30208237Required 
Employer's Payroll CityCharacter15238252Required 
Employer's Payroll StateCharacter2253254RequiredValid 2 letter state code
Employer's Payroll Zip CodeCharacter9255263RequiredFirst 5 digits are mandatory
Employer's Federal EINCharacter9264272RequiredRemove special characters
FillerCharacter28273300RequiredFill with spaces only

All characters should be entered in upper case.

If entering data via Notepad, Wordpad, Excel, and etc., format as TEXT.


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